Steel sheds and garages have become increasingly popular in the past several years. Compared to their wood and brick counterparts, steel garages and sheds are cheaper and easier to construct. It is also durable and can remain unchanged for many years if properly taken care of. As a buyer, here are the things that you need to know before purchasing a steel shed and garage.


Different manufacturers produce kits for steel garages and sheds. The kit contains the complete set of materials along with the plan needed to build the shed or garage. The main materials include the frames and trusses, and the metal panels which will be used for the roof and the walls. Note that the materials needed for the foundation of the shed and garage are normally not included in the package. The reason is some homeowners' site may already have a foundation, or if not, they can choose the material they want to use for the foundation. The main options include paving slabs and concrete, after which, the preferred type of flooring can be installed.


Steel sheds Victoria and garages are not made from ordinary steel. Electro-galvanized steel is typically used for these structures which are stronger and also fire-resistant. Aside from being treated to become electro-galvanized, the steel also receives a baked enamel finish which makes it tougher and completely resistant to rust and UV damage. Another advantage is that the metal of the shed and garage will never be affected by water or rain.


Steel garages and car ports Melbourne  can be manufactured from sheets of metal with varying thickness. Buyers can choose between 12-gauge panels and 14-gauge panels and other sizes based on preference. Of course, thicker metal sheet will be stronger and can insulate better than the thinner ones. Although more expensive, the investment will definitely be worth it.



Steel, aside from being very light, is considered a very versatile material. This is why steel garages and sheds with varying lengths and widths are now easy to find in the market. A buyer will have many options when it comes to design and sizes, as well as options for compartments within the garage or inside the shed. These compartments can also be used as separate garages for vehicles. By carefully considering your requirements, these steel garages and sheds are the perfect customizable solutions for your storage needs.